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Charles Mazel

On January 15, 2018, Mr. Mazel will discuss fluorescence photography

There is a hidden visual world of vibrant color around us all the time, submerged within the sea of white light in which we pass our days. This is the world of fluorescence, a kind of optical alchemy that transforms light from one color to another. It goes unnoticed because it is almost always weaker than the light that is reflected without change of color. The effect can be as striking as it is unexpected, and can be found in plants, animals, foods, man-made objects, and even in ourselves. Exploration of this world with the right equipment can be rewarded with stunning images.  (Link in name above)


Bobbi Lane

Bobbi Lane is an award-winning commercial photographer specializing in creative portraits on location and in the studio. Lane's multi-faceted approach to photography incorporates over 35 years of technical experience with innovative artistic interpretation. Lane shoots primarily people on location for editorial, corporate, and advertising accounts as well as photographing "real people" and travel for stock. Her stock photography has sold worldwide for ads, posters, and billboards. (Link in name above)


Mark Bowie

Multiple Exposures for Stunning Landscapes. In this new presentation, designed for both amateur and seasoned shooters looking to take their landscape imagery to new levels, Mark covers the field techniques and state-of-the-art software he uses to produce many types of multi-shot composites.

See Mark's website here.


David H. Wells

Award-winning photographer/videographer David H. Wells, will give a presentation titled, “The Tools of Travel Photography.” 

Wells is based in Providence, RI, is affiliated with Aurora Photos and is also a photo-educator.  He was featured in Photo District News as one of “The Best Workshop Instructors.” 

His work has been featured in more than 50 exhibitions and he has taught workshops at the International Center for Photography in NYC and at the Maine Media Workshops.

For more information on David H. Wells, visit his websitehttp://www.davidhwells.com/


Mark Smith

Mark will discuss macro photography. He, and wife Annette Evans, own Macroscopic Solutions,  and are featured in this article from the Hartford Courant.  It's focus stacking to the nth degree. The resolution is incredible.

For more information check the links to the Courant and Macroscopic Solutions, above.


Sean D. Elliot

Sean is currently the Director of Photography at The Day in New London, Conn. In addition to overseeing The Day’s staff of visual journalists. Sean retains responsibilities as a photographer, documenting life in southeastern Connecticut. Sean started his career at The Day as the paper’s Digital Imaging Technician (a position now titled: night photo editor) in 1993. He was hired as a staff photographer in 1994 and became Chief Photographer in 2002 and was named Director of Photography in 2016.

Prior to The Day, Sean had internships in Lima, Ohio and Brigeport, Conn.. Sean was born in Norwalk, Connecticut but raised in Eugene, Oregon. He returned to New England where he graduated from the Boston University College of Communications with a degree in journalism. Sean has won numerous awards from the National Press Photographers Association Region One, New England Associated Press News Executives Association, Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists and the New England Press Association (NEPA). In 1994 he was the NEPA Rookie of the Year and in 2000 the NEPA Photographer of the Year. In 2007 he was given the Community Photojournalism award by the New England Society of Newspaper Editors. He has served on the board of the National Press Photographers Association, including two terms as that association’s President and chairs the NPPA Ethics Committee.

You can also follow Sean on Twitter @seandelliot and on Instagram @sdelliot

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Pat Swanson

Get inspired! Have you considered having a gallery show of your artwork but don’t know how to go about it? Or maybe there’s a particular image you think might work nicely hanging in a gallery? Do you have a lot of landscape, animal, and still life images that need a little boost or enhancement? Spend the evening with award winning and fine art photographer Patty Swanson! She will talk about how to turn a photograph into fine art, how to get your work into a gallery, and how to make your artwork sellable. Patty’s photographic fine art has exhibited and sold in galleries around the Hartford area.

Patty Swanson has owned her home-based photography business Patty Swanson Photography in West Hartford since 2001. She was awarded the prestigious Connecticut Creative Photographer of the Year and the Connecticut Art/Electronic Imaging Photographer of the Year for 2012-2013 by the Connecticut Professional Photographer’s Association (CTPPA), a state affiliate of Professional Photographers of America (PPA). She is also a Certified Professional Photographer, a designation held by only 5% of photographers worldwide. She specializes in on-location and studio portraiture, including business headshots, pets, families, babies, high school seniors, and high school “sports extreme”, as well as product photography and photographic fine art. She also custom designs unique photographic greeting cards, wall collages, and albums, as well as promotional material for small businesses.

Her work has been featured on many websites and local and regional publications, including the Hill-Stead Museum, Noah Webster House, The Hartford Courant’s iTowns, and Living in West Hartford Magazine. She has shown and sold several pieces of her photographic fine art at The Golden Thread Gallery and West Hartford Art League’s Salt Box Gallery and Club House Gallery. Swanson has also had her own gallery show at the Noah Webster House, called “Living Remains: A Resurrection Thru the Lens”, also in West Hartford. Swanson donates her time and expertise to many local charities and non-profit organizations including, NILMDTS (Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep), DCF’s Heart Gallery, The Noah Webster House, and Emanuel Lutheran Church.

Her greatest accomplishment is a project she started with the March of Dimes in 2006 photographing premie babies and their families once a week at UCONN’s John Dempsey Hospital Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where she donated her time and expertise. As the mother of twins who were born prematurely in 1995, this volunteer work has been especially near and dear to her heart. Fourteen of her NICU images have been selected to permanently hang at the hospital’s NICU, appropriately named “Tender Moments”, which can also be seen on her website.

Patty is married and has twins in college.

She can be reached at swannycat@sbcglobal.net, www.facebook.com/pattyswansonphotography or through her website www.pattyswanson.com

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