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Charles Mazel

January 2018

On January 15, 2018, Mr. Mazel discussed fluorescence photography.There is a hidden visual world of vibrant color around us all the time, submerged within the sea of white light in which we pass our days. This is the world of fluorescence, a kind of optical alchemy that transforms light from one color to another. It goes unnoticed because it is almost always weaker than the light that is reflected without change of color. The effect can be as striking as it is unexpected, and can be found in plants, animals, foods, man-made objects, and even in ourselves. Exploration of this world with the right equipment can be rewarded with stunning images.  (Link in name above)


Chris Nicholson

March 2018

Chris Nicholson is a photographer and writer based in southern Connecticut, New York City, and Charlotte, North Carolina, and is author of the book “Photographing National Parks.” He is also a partner and workshop leader with National Parks at Night LLC, which brings participants to magical and majestic destinations for extraordinary night photography adventures.

(Link to website in name above)


Bill Truslow

April 2018

Photographer Bill Truslow's career has taken him all over the world. It doesn't matter if he's photographing power plants in Turkey, eagles in Alaska, or a busy billionaire in the short ten minutes he's been allotted, Bill does what it takes to get the shot that his clients will adore.Bill will be speaking on Corporate Photography. (Link to website in name above)


Peter Glass

May 2018

Peter Glass is a professional photographer and portrait professional specializing in commercial, corporate, editorial, and portrait photography, based in Hartford, Connecticut. He works both on location and in the studio, and teaches photography workshops, classes, and seminars through PeterGlass Workshops.


Todd Gipstein

June 2018

National Geographic photographer Todd Gipstein, presents The Mind, the Eye and the Heart of a Photographer. Todd writes that his presentation "deals with the art and artistry of photography and what it means to look at the world, immerse oneself in experiences, and document them with camera to share with others. The talk uses photographs of people, wildlife, and places I have shot around the world, and includes some short media presentations as well. My shows are all made from still images woven together with music, and sometimes narration, from my travels in Africa, Iceland, Israel, the polar regions, the Galapagos, Cuba, Italy, etc."

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Michael Rice

August 2018

Rice will speak on Black & White Photography. Michael is a fine art landscape artist with a passion for black and white photography reminiscent of the old large format masters. Dramatic light, a smooth tonal range, and textural image details evoking the atmosphere of times past characterize his work. His color work is lush and vibrant, manipulating colors more like an oil painter. Light is playfully manipulated to create drama and intrigue. He honed his craft through the years working as a commercial, portrait, and wedding photographer, photo retoucher, and printmaker. His philosophy is that most photographers are either camera or computer oriented, meaning that while some photographers excel at taking pictures, others excel at enhancing the images in the computer. He believes that to take photography to the next level; one must pursue both disciplines. The synergy is; knowing what is possible in the digital darkroom, aids in the decision-making process in the field.

Michael's web site is at https://www.twistedtreephoto.com/


Shawn Carey

September 2018

He will speak about bird photography. Shawn lives outside of Boston and has been teaching wildlife photography for Massachusetts Audubon Society for the past 13 years. His photos have been published in the Boston Globe, New York Times, Mass Audubon Sanctuary magazine, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary magazine, Science magazine and many others over the last 10+ years.

Shawn's full time job is Operations Manager at AVFX located in Boston, Massachusetts. He also serves on the Massachusetts Audubon Society Advisory Board and Mass Audubon Visuals Arts Center Advisory Board located in Canton, MA. He is past President and current Vice President of Eastern Mass Hawk Watch, past council member of the Nuttall Ornithological Club, and past Board member of the Brookline Bird Club.


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